THE BRIDGE is a new worship service at CTR that is the second Sunday of the month @5:00 p.m. You can listen to the Bridge's sermons here.

How did THE BRIDGE get started?

THE BRIDGE was started because we are listening to God and to our people. Many of our members have asked us to consider adding a second worship service that would "build another bridge", from our congregation into the community and from our ancient way of worship into our modern world. THE BRIDGE is our offering that invites people to come, to ask questions, to engage, to learn, and to grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

The service:

Super casual with contemporary Christian music.

How often do we meet?

Initially we will meet monthly on the evening of the second Sunday:

For 2017:
September 10th
October 8th
November 12th
December 10th

Our goal is to meet weekly as we "grow" forward.

Is child care available?


Do I have to be an Anglican to attend?

Absolutely NOT! Everyone is welcome to gather at THE BRIDGE, or any of our worship services and other ministries here at CTR!

Got Questions?

You can contact us here or call 817 386-3000.

Our Location

 6116 Southwest Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76109