Bible Studies

Men's Bible Study at CTR

The men will resume their Bible Study in the Fall on Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. 

Ladies' and Moms' Bible Study

CTR moms' BIBLE STUDY begins september 27th @10:00am at ctr

We're beginning a brand new IF:Equip study: Anno Domini Volume 2: The Middle Ages and Reformation. We know that studying church history isn't typically the first topic you run to when you decide to dive into a new Bible study for the fall. But here's why we consider it crucial to our study of the Bible and the foundation of our faith:

Without the context of how the church was built, we lose the "why" behind the reason we show up.

So, let's study the Middle Ages and Reformation together. Will you join us for Anno Domini Volume 2? You don’t need a book, everything you need is online here but if you do want to purchase the book, you can order it here.
If you need childcare, please contact the church.


For more information or questions on these events please either e-mail the church or call 817 386-3000.