Tru Curriculum:
Explores Scripture chronologically through God's grand redemptive narrative where God is at the center of every lesson
Engages a family empowered ministry model that equips families to spend time together in God’s Word
Creates space for a time of worship response allowing children to respond to God through His Holy Spirit
Offers a disciple-shaping philosophy that moves Toddlers through Middle Schoolers from childhood beliefs to lifetime faith

Guides little children to know they are made and loved by God
-“Hamilton the Hedgehog” joins children as they discover God through His Word
-Developmentally rich activities encourage children to grow and learn
-Utilizes repetition to build confidence in children
-One-year scope and sequence

Creates an environment for young children to experience the wonder of God

-“Chloe” and her friends help children explore the Bible
-Developmental activities encourage participation and build traditions
-Opportunities for creative worship response in every lesson
-Three-year chronological scope and sequence

Invites children to find their place in The Big God Story
-Chronological Bible teaching reveals God’s redemptive narrative
-Children build community and traditions with one another
-Intentional space is created for listening to God and responding in worship
-Three-year chronological scope and sequence

Sunday School!

Sunday School will resume on September 11th with Tru Curriculum.

Mother's Day Out

Our Mother's Day program begins September 6th.

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