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 Summer Sunday Supper Series: Part 2


Bread & Wine Part 2
Last summer the Mom's bible study met to study Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist.  We followed her book, made her recipes together, shared the meal we created and loved each other around the table.  In Bread & Wine she wrote, " To those of us who believe that all of life is sacred, every crumb of bread and sip of wine is a Eucharist, a remembrance, a call to awareness of holiness right where we are. "It is our hope that all the women of CTR can come experience this holiness with us as we break bread together around the table!  The dates are June 13, July 10, and Aug 8th, we will meet at 6 pm in the evenings.  We will make a meal and gather around the table for fellowship. Contact Sarah at church on Sunday or the church for information about our first evening. 

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